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"Living the dream"



“Experience with INSD in real words is amazing and our trust on INSD is growing day by day. Sunjey Sir as a business man is outstanding and very co-operative. He is always ready to help in any sort of problems which we face and make us overcome it and boost over confidence with his very positive attitude ”

Vipul Parekh
Centre ,Director
INSD Mumbai Kandivalli Centre

“PRETTY DECENT EXPERIENCE …Mr. Sunjey as an individual is good, though some communication gap we have faced as per the rules and regulations and the fee structure, apart from that overall it’s been a great experience."

Amitta Gupta,
Centre Director ,
INSD Mumbai Andheri West Centre

“We had very good experience with INSD, we had learned lots of things from INSD and Sunjey Sir, and we wish to his support regularly and from INSD."

Ashish Khatri
Centre Director , INSD Raipur Centre

“Experience has been very good, great results!"

Ms Kusuma Rao,
Centre Director , INSD Mumbai Mullund Centre

“Experience has been very good, great results!"

Ms Kusuma Rao,
Centre Director , INSD Mumbai Mullund Centre

International School of Design, India's premier Design college with several professionally managed centres pan India invites highly motivated franchisee partners to share the Indian economy's inevitable success and create millions of success stories including yours. To know how you can link your success with ours please call us at the number given below. You are welcome to be a part of the INSD rapidly growing family.

Call us at 011-42461100, 45091500, 9958616801, 9891811560 or mail us at insdschool@gmail.com

INSD Corporate works on a franchisee setup and its expansion of centres is through selective individuals and companies who have the right attitude to make it in the fashion education centres. Today's fast pace and ever changing world demands a competitive streak, a professional attitude and a stronghold on the current trends to survive. The tide of constant change in current scenario is making demands. And who better than you would understand the need of the hour. Hence here is an offer to share the success of name, Fame & money with our expertise and your efforts Looking for Partners in Progress You are welcome to be a part of the INSD Family, by selecting a location of your choice, to setup an INSD Centre, provided you have a strong inclination, prime location and investable funds. What is to be done? All you are to do is to just fill in the Performa given below covering the following aspects and send the same at insdschool@gmail.com

Demographical Statistics of the city like population, income level, industrial belt, the state of art transport and communication etc. The population of intending target should be shown separately.

  • City's Profile in terms of number of schools, colleges etc.
  • Competition, if any.
  • Number of expected students in the 1st, IInd and IIIRd year of operation.
  • The site plan.
  • Present occupation in detail.
  • The proposed minimum infrastructure.
  • Any exposure to fashion industry.
  • The Financial status.
  • Any other value which you can add to the project.
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